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“It all started when, after graduating from the University of Mathematics with outstanding grades, I decided to enter the world of business. There, I realized how crucial it is to have a substantial online client base. Having been self-taught in mathematics and after inquiring with an American company about the cost of getting my website to the top of Google's search results that summer, they told me they required an annual contract at $10,000 per month to achieve first-page ranking.

I then decided to teach myself the art of SEO. Consequently, that summer, I managed to place my website at the top spot on Google for the most important keyword for clients. This gave me the ability to learn how to bring my subpages to the top for many keywords and, of course, expand into the world of businesses and establish new enterprises worldwide. Naturally, it brings me great joy and pride to showcase the websites I personally handle, which hold the top position on Google for the desired keywords that attract clients!"

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