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“ For companies today, having a professional website is crucial for attracting and engaging with customers online. But a website alone is often not enough. To maximize your digital presence, partnering with an experienced web design agency like Raccoon Eyes provides access to more robust solutions like microsites and landing pages.”

At Raccoon Eyes, we view your website as the core of your digital presence but also develop complementary tools tailored to your marketing and sales objectives. Our award-winning designers employ the latest techniques to turn your digital presence into a revenue-driving asset. Strategic Website Design An intelligently designed, mobile-responsive website acts as the hub for your digital presence. It should clearly communicate your brand identity, products and services, and provide an exceptional user experience.

Raccoon Eyes' web designers incorporate cutting-edge UX principles into attractive, functional websites optimized for conversions. Our development teams integrate e-commerce functionalities seamlessly and leverage analytics for ongoing optimization. With billions searching online daily, having an effective website is essential for discovery and engagement with your ideal customers. A website also builds credibility and provides 24/7 accessibility to your brand.

Targeted Microsites

While your core website serves as the digital foundation, microsites targeted to specific campaigns, events or services can provide focused value. Microsites are typically 3-5 pages highlighting a particular product line, promotion, or initiative.

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High-Converting Landing Pages

Because microsites have narrower scopes, they require fewer resources to build, manage and optimize.
They provide flexibility outside your main website's structure and branding. Microsites linked to your primary domain also boost its overall authority. To turn digital presence into sales, targeted landing pages are essential.
Raccoon Eyes designs landing pages with persuasive copy, clear calls-to-action, and seamless form integrations to prompt specific conversions.
Our landing page best practices include:


SEO-Friendly, Mobile Responsive & Speed & User Experience

With strategic landing pages, you can capture more email signups, downloads, purchases, and phone calls directly from promotional campaigns. Our data-driven approach improves conversion rates.

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